Meet the Hotel Pepper Tree Owners

Meet the Hotel OwnersHotel Pepper Tree is owned and operated by two Australian families who started providing extended stay accommodations in San Diego in 1998. Some 10 years ago when John, Mark, Viktoria and Fiona visited Anaheim, California they had trouble finding an affordable hotel with kitchens. On the eastern seaboard of Australia, from Melbourne to Queensland, hotels provide serviced apartments for short-term business and leisure travel. They believe that travelers prefer the convenience of having a separate bedroom and living room with a kitchen to staying in a conventional hotel room. With larger rooms that are ideal for any length of stay, business or leisure, these “down under” hotels are friendlier and more like home. It was with this in mind that John and Mark moved to Southern California to develop a similar style of hotel.

Today, the two Aussie families are active in the hotel’s daily operations, and take pride in presenting a stylish and affordable Southern California hotel. John is an architect and has been responsible for the hotel set up including building detail, color, landscaping and furnishings. With a background in accounting and sales, Mark leads hotel operations and marketing. Viktoria and Fiona are somewhat involved in running the hotel, but the mates like to think that they do all the "Hard Yacka"! John and Mark made several trips to Guadalajara to have rustic wooden furniture, paintings and ironwork made specifically for the hotel. They are both involved with the day-to-day operations so don’t be surprised if you hear a few G'days or Howyagoins.

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Hotel Pepper Tree - Anaheim, CA
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